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What are Scenarios for?

Scenarios help you see how different outcomes could affect your finances so you can make the best decision for a given situation. These situations can range from moving to a more expensive flat, saving up for a vacation, applying for a mortgage, and getting a more flexible job with lower pay.

VerdiPlus Advisers can also use Scenarios to put recommendations for you to review and compare.

How do I make the most out of Scenarios?

Get started with the Scenario Management Tool by following the steps below:

Before you can do any planning with the Scenario Management tool, you need to create a new Scenario first.

In the tool, click the "Add Scenario" button. If you just want to tweak some parts of your current plan, click "Duplicate". This will create a copy of your current plan which you can tweak and compare. On the other hand, click "Add New" if you want to start from scratch.

Select your newly created Scenario by following the steps below:


1. In the tool header, click the drop down box and select your new Scenario.

2. Enter your new data.

3. Select your previous Scenario, and compare the difference between the two!

Terms Explained

Listed below are the definitions of the terms we use for the Scenario Management Tool.

Term Definition
Starting Position The Scenario we provide to new users.
Current Position How your finances currently look like.
Duplicate Copies an existing Scenario. This is useful for making and comparing small changes between different Scenarios.
Delete Removes a Scenario permanently.