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How Does VerdiPlus Work?

Budgets, on paper, are easy to put together. However, as you might have also learned, sticking to these budgets is the hard part.

By using our tools, mainly the Bank Plan, you will be able to create an effective bank account structure designed to consistently grow and protect your savings without the need to constantly track and update your transaction information.

No. VerdiPlus is recognised as a Financial Services Provider (FSP 277085) under financial regulation. VerdiPlus is designed to help organise and manage your finances. We are not meant to provide legal, tax, or financial advice.

If you need further financial advice, we recommend that you speak directly to an independent advisor. We can also refer you to an independent group of advisers. Note that these advisers are not contractors or agents of VerdiPlus.

No. VerdiPlus operates and is designed to function independently without the need to be linked to a bank or any financial institution.

Yes. It is not required to link VerdiPlus to an existing bank account or any financial institution for you to be able to use our services.

First Time Users

VerdiPlus is a powerful set of online tools and educational content designed to help you manage your money and grow your wealth.

The Dashboard gives you an overview of the latest market and event updates as well as news regarding VerdiPlus.

Clicking the 'Menu' button also gives you quick access to the VerdiPlus tools.

From there, simply select the Tool or Calculator you wish to use.

VerdiPlus currently provides four key money management tools as well as two supplementary tools:

Money Flow Tools are designed to help you create and maximise your cash surplus.

a. Money Map

The Money Map helps you see where your cash is going so you can find out whether you currently have a surplus or a deficit. We recommend that you take the time in filling out your Money Map properly as our other tools rely on the accuracy of the information you've placed here.

b. Bank Plan

The Bank Plan uses the data you've placed on your Money Map and creates a bank structure designed to help grow and protect your savings.

Wealth Planning Tools are designed to help you build and protect long-term wealth.

a. What I'm Worth

The What I'm Worth Tool projects what your financial position could look like five, ten, or twenty years down the track. This is useful for figuring out how to invest your surplus towards investments or how to best approach debt reduction.

b. Financial Protection

The Financial Protection tool helps you assess whether you have appropriate protection for your wealth.

Supplementary Tools are designed for individuals who would like to take their finances to the next level.

a. Adviser Centre

The Adviser Centre allows you to invite your preferred financial advisers and share your Money Map with them. This will allow them to study and tweak the values you have placed in your Money Map to help improve your financial position. This tool can also recommend you to qualified financial advisers in case you currently don't have one yet.

b. Scenarios

Scenarios help you see how different outcomes could affect your finances so you can make the best decision for a given situation. These situations can range from moving to a more expensive flat, saving up for a vacation, applying for a mortgage, and getting a more flexible job with lower pay.

c. Calculators

Our customised calculators allow you to compute the values you need to make complex financial decisions without the need to memorise difficult formulas.

VerdiPlus has an online library of eBooks that discuss a variety of financial topics such as how to apply for loans, money management, and getting out of debt. We regularly update our library with new eBooks every few months.

Please note that you need to be at least a "Dream" member to download eBooks.


VerdiPlus currently offers three membership plans: Dream, Plan, and Prosper.

Dream is free and gives users access to our eBook library and blog.

Plan costs $149/year and provides access to all of our online tools except the Adviser Centre.

Prosper costs $279/year and provides additional access to both our online tools as well as the Adviser Centre.

Click here for more information regarding our membership plans.

Privacy and Security

VerdiPlus utilises industry standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for encryption of potentially sensitive information such as your name, address, date of birth. Also, VerdiPlus does not access any bank account information, such as bank account numbers or transactions.

For credit card transactions, VerdiPlus uses DPS Payment Express Payment Gateway. DPS processes online credit card transactions securely for thousands of merchants globally, providing a safe and secure online payment service.