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What is the KiwiSaver Calculator for?

The KiwiSaver Calculator allows you to experiment with different contributions and other figures to see which scheme best fits your needs.


KiwiSaver is a voluntary savings program by The Government to help New Zealanders save up for retirement. You can choose to contribute different amounts of your gross income based on your preference. This contribution will also be supplemented by both The Government as well as your employer.

1. Government Contribution

The Government will contribute up to $521 annually as long as you contribute a minimum of $1042 before June 30 of each year.

2. First Home Buyers

If you have been in a KiwiSaver fund for over 3 years, you may be able to make a one-off withdrawal to purchase your first home.

3. Second Chance Homebuyers

Last 1 July 2016, The Government announced that there will no longer be any income limits for second-chance homeowners who want to make a withdrawal from their KiwiSaver. This means second-chance homeowners who have low assets will be able to withdraw funds from their KiwiSaver to buy a home regardless of how high their income is.

4. Employer Contributions

Your employer will also contribute at least 3% of your gross salary to supplement your own contributions.

KiwiSaver Schemes usually fall under the following categories:

Defensive: Low risk

Conservative: Low to medium risk

Balanced: Medium risk

Growth: Medium to high risk

Aggressive: High risk

For more information about KiwiSaver schemes, we recommend that you approach your KiwiSaver adviser.

Below are a few examples that illustrate how much your money could grow at the age of 65 based on the following funds: Conservative, Balanced, and Growth

1. 30-year-old, earning $50,000, 3% contribution, another 3% from employer

A. Conservative Fund (5.25%): $355,000

B. Balanced (6.92%): $496,000

C. Growth (7.65%): $575,000

*Figures are estimates taken from the KiwiSaver Calculator