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What is the Adviser Centre for?

The Adviser Centre makes it easy for you to invite one or more Advisers to view your financial information and provide tailored recommendations. Aside from being able to add and remove Advisers as you wish, you can also ask to be referred to one if you don't have an Adviser already.

Our needs change as we go on through life. The Adviser Centre helps your needs and your financial position to be on the same page at any point in time through proper advice.

It's hard to keep track of the kind of help you will need when it comes to looking after your finances. One week you may need your Mortgage Adviser to help you decide how long you should fix one of your mortgages. Another week it could be help from your Investment Adviser on where to invest funds you received as a work bonus.

With the Adviser Centre, you can message any of your advisers privately and ask for their input at any time, wherever you are. It also allows you to monitor which among your advisers currently has access to your information and choose whether you would like to keep them on your team or not.

Follow the steps below, and we will connect you with a Registered or Authorised Financial Adviser in your area.

1. Go to the Adviser Centre Tool and click the 'Invite Adviser' button if you know your Adviser's e-mail address. If you want to be referred to an Adviser, click the 'Refer Me To An Adviser' button.

2. Enter which kind of adviser you need as well as your location.

As soon as you finish doing these two steps, a message will get sent to independent advisers in your area who will contact you to discuss what you should do next.

Try the Adviser Centre

Get expert advice on your finances with the Adviser Centre.