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- Earlier this year, a lack of New Zealand deposit funds in comparison to lending funds with the  banks led to relatively low-interest rates
- Several small changes with lending policies and the official cash rate have led to more notable changes over the last six months that need to be brought to our attention especially for property investors
- Record volumes of lending in the Auckland market by banks 

Bank Updates

1. ANZ

- Closing of the funding gap - Policies will remain to be strict - A little wiggle room for credit - Less competition with domestic deposits

2. Westpac

- Slowdown in housing market - Large decline in house sales due to LVR changes, tightening of lending restrictions and higher mortgage rates - Affecting Auckland as well as other markets

3. BNZ

- First home buyers – better situation, more properties to choose from - Professional investors – time to sell bad properties to overly eager investors


- Amidst consistent media coverage over the property market, we cannot lose sight of the underlying economic activity with the New Zealand property market
- Supply is still lower than demand, which still makes property investment a good long term option for wealth growth

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