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Starting strong is always important. So, to give you the momentum you need, here are four FREE workshops you might want to add to your calendar.

Wealth Planning Workshop

February 13, 2017 (evening)

You know what's more romantic than a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers? A partner who has got their finances sorted!

The Wealth Planning Workshop is designed to give you and your partner effective wealth planning techniques aimed at helping you build the foundations you need for establishing long-term wealth.
Focusing on building loving relationships is much easier when money isn't a problem!

Managing Property Investment Cash Flow Workshop

February 23, 2017 (evening)

Are you an investment property owner, or about to be? Then you need to know how to manage the bank accounts and loans for your investments effectively! This workshop includes revolving credit use and payment, rental bank accounts, and interest rate averaging for investors.

All About Money Workshop

March 7, 2017 (evening)

We all have financial dreams. Isn’t it about time you turned your dreams into a reality?

Managing your money effectively depends on one important thing: making the right choices. Lynda is the co-founder of Money Mentalist and has been coaching people on how to get their finances on track for more than 20 years. She helps people achieve their personal and business goals by using fundamental psychology techniques, teaching practical money skills, and helping them the connection that exists with mindsets and growing wealth.

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