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To find out, I spoke to a couple of individuals, some who were single and some who were in a relationship, and asked for their opinions and experiences when it comes to saving money.



1. Flexibility When it comes to saving money, Brian has no problem lowering his living standards as long has he had food to eat and a place to sleep. To him, this is all that he needed to grind out all the hours he wanted at work to make money.


2. Financial Cost VS Emotional Cost

Happiness costs a lot more if you're single. At least, that's what Josh thinks. He thinks that he ends up spending a lot more money to get the happiness he could be getting from a partner instead. Although, he admits that you could spend way less if you're someone who enjoys being alone.


3. Unusual Saving Tips Being single also makes it easier to practice unusual but effective money saving techniques. Michael, for example, purchases fruits that are nearing their ripeness together with fresh ones that can stay on the shelf for longer. He also mentioned dropping milk from his diet altogether, saving him a couple of dollars each week. When he does need milk, he just makes his own with milk powder and some water.



1. Motivation

Chris is married and lives with his wife and son. When I asked him about saving money as a couple, motivation was the first benefit that popped into his head. According to him, sharing the experiences and things he was able to buy with his family makes it so much more gratifying. This gives him the drive to find more ways to save money.

2. Aspire for Bigger Goals

Chris also believes that as time passes and you begin to make more income, you naturally gravitate towards bigger goals. This makes saving more come across as a natural step rather than an intimidating goal you force upon yourself just to keep up.


3. Perspective

For James, everything just becomes more expensive once you have a baby. You can try to force more income to come, usually by working more hours. But, eventually, you'll wear yourself down and get gradually overwhelmed by expenses. So, James decided to adapt through the use of perspective. With "enjoying life" as his primary goal, he figured out which activities he could do while not breaking his bank account. Living in an environment that discourages spontaneous spending is a good way to stay consistent with living a simpler lifestyle.

From the people I have spoken to, it appears that it is far easier to save money while you're single. However, as you accumulate more and more wealth, you eventually realise that you actually don't need that much to be content. Good things, both financial and emotional, start overflowing and get wasted. This is when looking for a partner starts making sense. After all, sharing what you have with the person that you love makes for a far more fulfilling experience.