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Written below are the actual quotes from this discussion, as well as some context as to how these were said. 

"I'd like to save money. But I have no self-control whatsoever. I literally drain my account until nothing's there." 

This response came about after Tracey asked whether the group had aspirations when it comes to investing and making their money grow.  

The person who said this was still studying in university. She felt that saving up was near impossible due to her having only a part time job as well has having a student loan that she needs to pay. 

"I freeze my EFT-POS card when I feel that I'm about to run out of money. I literally put it in the freezer." 

While certainly funny and quite extreme, this statement gave us a peek at the extreme measures Millennials resort to when forced to save. 

"It costs 16 dollars for a movie ticket. I'd rather spend that money on chicken at Countdown." 

From 8 dollar beers to 16 dollar movie tickets, doing your typical Friday night activities can get expensive pretty quickly. Hence, cheaper alternatives such as going to the beach, walks, the occasional free event, or even just staying at home are becoming more common especially for Millennials strapped for cash. 

"It's surprising that a lot of people here say they want to own a house. A lot of my friends have basically accepted the reality of renting for a place to stay." 

A revealing statement that shows the aspirations most Millennials have when it comes to eventually owning property, and the grim reality of perpetually renting that some have accepted. 

"Guys like to spend big on their toys every once in a while. Girls, on the other hand, spend on small things frequently." 

While not a new observation, this spending trend is apparently also true to some extent when it comes to Millennials. Some males in the group mentioned their plans for saving up for some DJ gear and camera equipment while the women talked about buying shoes and clothes. 

"Motivation would be helpful, like the ones that you get from those fitness apps." 

Seeing and being affirmed of the progress you are making on a daily basis can go a long way in helping Millennials stay on track with their savings. 

"It's normal for you not to think about money at this age. The problem comes when you do reach that age, and you realise that the goalpost has moved further down than what you expected." 

This statement is one of the most common things Tracey hears from both her younger and older clients. Millennials certainly have more time on their side. However, the perceived abundance of it that the younger generation thinks they have makes procrastination a far more common problem for them.  

This focus group discussion has given our team a glimpse towards the similarities and differences Millennials have compared to older generations when it comes to managing their finances. As we go through 2017, we plan on hosting more events targeted at engaging the younger demographic by giving them the awareness and support they need to start taking their finances seriously.