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The younger generation believes that their youth and health will be more than enough to protect them from uncertainty. Others sweep the worries they have under the rug and distract themselves with work instead. However, ignoring the many things in life that are beyond our control does not make them go away.

Below are real stories of real people from our friends at Financial Lifestyle. While these individuals come from different backgrounds, the relief of having someone with you when you need it the most is an irreplaceable comfort, no matter who you are.


Lauren is married and with children. At 46 years old, she submitted a claim on her health insurance for a rare cancer that she was diagnosed with. Fortunately, her husband's medical cover took care of her ongoing and extensive medical costs

Gregor and his team checked on Lauren's other policies as well to make sure that everything that could be done was being done. From this, they learned that she had trauma cover which entitled her to a lump sum payment of over $200,000 NZD.

This was an unexpected source of income that Lauren could use immediately for anything such as compensating herself and her husband’s time off work or for covering their mortgage payments.

David and Denise

David and Denise had medical insurance for 17 years. One day, David experienced some chest pain and was referred to a cardiologist to have a cardiac stress test. They found out that David needed a coronary angiography urgently.

Denise was very emotional when she called the Financial Lifestyle team. Gregor caught up with her and submitted an urgent pre-approval claim for the surgery. This was scheduled to take place the following day.

Gregor’s team collaborated with the couple's insurer closely and then promptly informed Denise that their claim was approved. Shortly after the operation, they then learned that if the operation had been delayed by just a few days, David may not have survived. This meant that the public system, which scheduled David's operation in two weeks time, would've been of little help.


Kate was having a holiday in Vietnam when she broke her leg on a tour and urgently needed surgery. Having arranged travel insurance beforehand, the Financial Lifestyle team worked with her insurer to see what could be done.

Her excellent insurance policy allowed her to be flown to Australia and be hospitalised at her preferred institution. Afterwards, she flew back to Vietnam to continue her holiday!


Marie, insured with a Trauma Cover policy, was diagnosed with cancer and battled through it. After some time, Marie approached Gregor and his team to talk about her plan as it was about to expire in a few days. He advised her to continue paying her premiums and proceeded to look into her insurance history. This is when he found out about her cancer, as well as the fact that she hasn't placed a claim for her treatment.

The Financial Lifestyle team assisted in placing her claim to her insurance company. To Marie's surprise, she was able to receive a large payout despite the amount of time that has passed already since her cancer treatment. She had no idea that she was entitled to that claim, but was nevertheless thankful for their assistance.

Uncertainty does not discriminate, no matter where we are in life. We can spend all this time eating healthy, growing our business, diversifying our investments, and building our wealth, hoping that these would be enough to protect us for what may come. However, it's only a matter of time before something slips through the cracks and catches us by surprise when we are at our weakest.

Gregor from Financial Lifestyle has been helping clients with their insurance needs for more than 30 years. When things don't go as planned, having a dedicated team focused on you and your best interests goes a long way.

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