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Money has taken on more subtle forms over the years. Payments are done with inconspicuous waves of a card and balances are checked through small, brightly lit smartphones. Much like the air we breathe, money is a subtle, but necessary factor when it comes to our survival.

On some level, money translates to power. It affords us the freedom and convenience of having more options with whatever we may choose to do at a particular moment. It could be as small as buying takeaway instead of cooking dinner, or as grand as a spontaneous international flight to a loved one.

Some manage to lead happy lives as long as they can afford three meals a day and a decent place to live. Others yearn for luxury trips abroad, dinners at fancy restaurants, and the latest in designer fashion. Although we may desire things of different monetary value, money stops mattering as soon as we have enough. Hence, the secret to wealth does not lie in how fast we can make money, but how we choose to define what's enough for ourselves.

By taking the time to figure out the things in our lives that provide genuine contentment, we learn to cut off the excess and focus on investing our money on those that do matter. In doing so, we grant ourselves a far more valuable resource. And, much like what the adage says, the most important things in life aren't bought by money, but rather by time.

Money allows us to purchase the basics of survival: food, clothes, and a place to stay. Time, on the other hand, allows us to develop healthy, loving relationships, realise true contentment, and seek out our purpose. While money is essential for surviving in today's world, time is what we need to live fully.