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Owning a house in Auckland has gradually been perceived as an impossible task over the years. Prices have skyrocketed and have shown no signs of dropping down. However, much like taking on other seemingly impossible tasks, progress starts with small, but deliberate steps.

Having a routine that will help you reach seemingly impossible goals requires you to consciously decide to do a bit more than your usual effort each day. In Tania's case, that involved switching to cloth nappies, foraging from their neighbour's fruit trees and choosing to walk to nearby places rather than driving all the time. These changes, although slightly uncomfortable and annoying, helped them grow their savings to over 13,000NZD - 3,000NZD over their target amount.

Genuine, positive change will stick because of the positive rewards you are able to consistently reap from your new routine.

This deliberate and conscious effort to gradually improve all the bits that go on throughout Tania's day translated to savings that consistently grew each week. This new lifestyle also gave her family an appreciation towards not living in excess.

Start a Successful Routine with the VerdiPlus Tools

Our Bank Plan tool is designed to help you find a healthy compromise between smart spending and keeping your lifestyle. Once you complete your Money Map, clicking the Bank Plan will automatically create an account structure designed to protect and consistently grow your savings.