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1. Money Map

Personal Income

Personal Income is now based on what money is coming into your bank account PLUS it allows for you to state at source (pay packet) deductions such as KiwiSaver and so on.

If you add any deductions, this will automatically reflect on the Expenses section of your money map.

Take note: With the new release, your Personal Income Section will now have NO content, you will need to re-enter your data.

Other Debt and Payment Plan

This was previously Short Term Debt - we have renamed this to Other Debt, i.e. any other non-property debt you may have.

We've added in Student Loan in the list of choices and the ability to add in any payment plans.

Occasional Spending

This is a SIGNIFICANT change and GREAT for New Year planning!

You can now enter the item, money needed, and when you need the funds by.

Your Surplus is now Monthly or Annual - so IF you are putting money aside for 6 months, your monthly surplus will state this amount, BUT the Annual Surplus assumes the payment stopped half way through the year.

This update is also seen on the Saving Up for Spending section.

Your Money Map Surplus

Previously it was an annual surplus. We've added another column to show a monthly surplus. This takes into account your current monthly surplus with the addition to the Occasional & Saving Up For Spending changes.

The Annual Surplus is the true surplus if your payments plans finish within a 12 month period.

2. Calculators

Debt Reduction

Previously known as the Short Term Debt Calculator, it now auto calculates and it's much easier to use.

Plan how to pay off your debt now!

Mortgage Plan

Previously known as the Home Loan Debt Calculator, it's now easier to use and see the changes you need to make.

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