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Take what is happening in Greece. We see all these suffering people queuing at ATM machines to get their $70 per day. But, do you stop and think about whether it could be you? In China, the share market is falling (some say it's been in free fall), wiping trillions of wealth off the books!

In my life, I have already personally known two people who have passed away due to breast cancer, and a friend's child at the age of 19 who has been diagnosed with aggressive Melanoma.

Whatever it is, when we hear these stories, we all stop and think. Some thoughts are for that person, some for ourselves and some about what we would do in the same situation. We may feel discomfort for a few minutes. But, we always find a way to move on with our lives.

We all feel that fleeting moment of pure fear, anxiety, and concern. We hear that little voice in our head that says, "It could be you, it could happen to you!" Then, we put it out of our heads and carry on with life.

What I would like you all to do is take a few minutes to take stock of your life, your financial position, and your health. Make a list, and take the action you need to make sure you can minimise the fallout in your life if something bad happens to you.

Here are a few things you can easily do:

About the author

Tracey Munns is the Co-founder and CEO of VerdiPlus and a specialist in personal wealth creation. She is an engaging energetic business person widely experienced in aspects of the financial services industry. Tracey holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is a Registered Financial Adviser and a noted businesswoman and public speaker. Her passion is to help as many people as she can to 'love their finances and change their lives'