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Our twenties are when we dream the wildest, live at our healthiest, and ironically, know the least. So, when met with our entry level salaries, we are often left wondering how to find a healthy compromise between our dreams and our paycheck.

KiwiSaver is a commitment that lasts longer than your typical relationship and is a significant factor towards our future financial security. So, why not take the time to understand what it really is you are getting yourself into?

When it comes to reading personal finance articles, most of them tend to teach the same thing: spend less than you earn, get rid of bad debt, and plan for the future. So, in an attempt to stray away from the typical advice which you may already know, written below are some points that will hopefully change your perspective when it comes to personal finance.

Wealth is not defined by the amount of money we make, but the amount of time we can afford to have.

See how a successful routine can make buying a house in Auckland possible.